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Using hidden courses on Thinkific to share them with selected audiences

So today we're going to talk about hidden courses!

This is a really cool functionality and sometimes I don't see my clients using this to its full capacity so I want to give you a few use cases that maybe will apply to your business so you can make the most of this functionality!

For example, at Benessere, we have hidden courses which we use to train our team members, so if anyone's going to join our team they'll be able to go through a quick online training to learn more about the business, what are the systems we use and how we operate. This considerably expedites onboarding!

This course is, therefore, not available on our collections of courses publicly - if you go into our website you will not be able to find the Be.Spoke Onboarding course because obviously, it's not applicable to you as a client, it's just for people working with us! But, we can share this on a link to our team so that when they're starting up they can go through the whole onboarding process and also see any future courses that will be available for them as they grow and evolve within the business.

Once they are signed up then it will show on their dashboard once they're logged in to your Thinkific site, so even though it doesn't show on the collections on the public courses page it will obviously show on their individual dashboard once they're logged in, so they won't have to keep trying to find that hidden link!

You can also sign up people through the backend directly into that course - either giving them free access or leaving a sign-up button as they would on any other course to enroll.

You can use this for many many things! Maybe if you have a course that is a follow-on from a previous one and you don't want it public on your website - it's something for people to access once they've completed the first set of training - you can do it like that.

Also if there are courses that are no longer available on your site to sell, but you want to keep them still on your website for people who have enrolled in the past, you can also use the hidden courses functionality.

As you can see, there are loads of typical use cases for this, but we really want to encourage you to use this more to train your teams too, because there are so many organizations with Thinkific nowadays and so few of them are using it to actually train their team members and expedite that onboarding!

This is a great tool to offer your team more control and understanding of what they have to do to succeed in their new jobs!


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