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3 reasons you should get an LMS

An LMS, or Learning Management System, has been an up and coming trend for many businesses across all industries looking to grow or expand their influence. While the pandemic has definitely pushed us in the direction of online learning, it has been a growing industry for a long time, predicted to reach $350 billion by 2025 even before the coronavirus.

If you've been on the fence about making the jump to LMS, especially if you're a small business worried about expenses, here are a few reasons why it's a great investment for companies of any size.

Firstly, it's not as big a decision as you may think.

In times past, an online learning system might take up a sizeable chunk of your budget, but nowadays setting one up could be as simple as making a new Facebook account. There are many options to choose from depending on your needs as a business, varying from low cost or even free and open-source selections to extensive, feature-rich packages that include on-demand support.

An LMS is not only perfect for employee onboarding, but it also grows with you.

As you expand into new niches, they can be explored in your online courses for all your employees. Given the flexibility of such a system, formalizing all the knowledge required in a way that allows the users to learn at a pace they feel comfortable with, greatly boosts knowledge retention.

Having a custom eLearning platform, tailored to your needs, can be surprisingly easy to manage.

LMS systems can easily fit into your team's routine and operations. Since everything is in one place, it's not only cheaper than in-person teaching, you can also easily see how tracking and monitoring individual progress becomes a lot simpler too. It is a very significant time and money benefit to not have to rent out classrooms or hire instructors!

So, if you were still on the fence, hop off it and take action now!

And if you want some help or advice on how to get started, get in touch.


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